SbuNoah’s musical and spiritual growth was groomed at his church where he has served as a worship leader since 2008. It was here where he was spotted by one of the Joyous Celebration founders who saw his love and passion for serving God through praise and worship and invited him to join the big ensemble known as Joyous Celebration. He joined Joyous in 2012 during their 3rd instalment of Joyous Rewind where he led the song “We bless your name medley“. He then recorded Joyous Celebration 17 where he led the traditional Maskandi song called “ÜNkulunkulu Uyang’thanda” which was very well received and made him popular across the country. Since then he has led songs such as “Ümoya Praise Medley” in Joyous Celebration 18, “NginoJesu Medley” and “Hallelujah Nkateko (Lihle’s Version)” in Joyous Celebration 19, co-lead a tribute to the late Lihle Swazi called “UJesu Ulidwala” in Joyous Celebration 19, as well as the self-composed tracks “Ngiphephile” and “Ngigcine” on Joyous Celebration 20 and Joyous. Celebration 21 respectively; all of which were all very well received in the gospel circle.His talent and gift has been noticed even outside the country, having travelled and performed for audiences in Swaziland, Botswana, Lesotho, London (UK) just to name a few. | READ FULL BIOGRAPHY


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